Tuesday, November 03, 2015

First post from YII2015

Dateline – London 11.03.15

The Bentley Year in Infrastructure (YII2015) 2015 conference is in full swing at the London Metropole hotel.  Yesterday’s industry press briefings are what the term information overload is all about.  It will take a few days after all this is over to sort through the wealth of information that was presented. The big new is that MicroStation Connect is a living breathing product with two companions – ProjectWise Connect and Navigator Connect. 

The announcement that is getting the most buzz is the acquisition of Acute 3D and the Context Capture technology that it brings.  Context Capture could be a revolution in live data capture possibly replacing, Photogrammetry, Lidar, Laser Scanning and Point Clouds in one fell swoop.

The coolest thing so far is Frank Conforti’s DYI digital sand table.  This is something that the kid in everyone wants – an adult sandbox.  Check out my video for a sneak peek.  That is it for now.

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