Monday, January 18, 2010

New Decade Same Old Blog

Happy New Year everyone.  Hope everyone is enjoyed MLK day.  Since I had the day off I know I did.  For once not only didn't I have to go to work but it was a beautiful day sunny and low 60's.  After the cold, wet, lousy weather we've had the past few weeks it was good to get a nice day and time to enjoy it.

What's been happening since my last post.  Around the office not much, around the profession a little bit more.  Most people probably know that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was recently held in Las Vegas.  While I didn't get to attend (maybe one day) a good number of people did and wrote about it.  From what I read it seems Cell phones, E-readers and tablets were all the rage.  While CES is geared towards consumers (explains all the TV's Phones etc).  I found the talk of tablets the most interesting.  One of the big problems that I see in the AEC industry is, to really take advantage of technology we have to move past "paper plans".  Until recently there hasn't been a good way to take electronic data to the field.  I think cheap tablets could solve this.  With a lightweight and cheap 10"-12" tablet, Wifi or even cell connections it becomes very practical to now take "electronic plans" or "models" to the field.   Now if the CADD and Survey vendors will pay attention.

At home I finally got an HD TV (love it) when my old CRT TV finally bit it.  But the biggest technology news is that the whole family are now smart phone users.  My wife and I both have Motorola Cliqs while my son and daughter both have My Touchs (T-moblie is our carrier).  Bottom line is we are one happy phone family. 

Interestingly enough I while I use my phone a great deal more than I use to I don't make very many calls.  Rather it has become a "communication device" more so than a phone.  I check personal email accounts have complete access to google mail, docs and calendar not to mention facebook, twitter and numerous news and information feeds and occasionally make a call or two.  After almost two months of continuous use I'm amazed.  There have been a few bumps in along the way (wish batteries lasted longer) and there is at times TOO MUCH Information but all and all very positive experience.  They really open up the world of social media to the user. 

All of our phones run the Android OS which seems to work fine.  There more apps that I sort though and while things don't always work the way I they did on previous phones, but what's new there? I have been able to everything I've wanted to.  While I don't think they will replace computers in the near term they will save some wear and tear on them.  Who knows by the next decade the traditional PC may be a thing of the past.  

That's it for now...