Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Quick Note and Question

April fools day has come and gone with out much fan fare as far as I can tell. While I am alway leary of anything I read or see on April 1st, I did come across one posting that had me going for a while. It was John Dvorak's piece on a bill that was passed in congress yesterday (April 1, 2008) - Onerous New Law to Phase Out Wi-Fi
you can find it on the PC Magazine website. It is so real that it is scary. -highly recommended.

Quick Question - Any Bentley GEOPAK or InRoads users out there looking at Autodesk's Civil 3D product? If so what do you think and how would you compare it to CURRENT releases of GEOPAK and or InRoads? If you have any thoughts on this question I would love to hear them.

Biggest news since last posting I'm going to Cluj, Romania in May to attend a conference now I have to come up with a presentation.. Stay tuned.