Friday, June 13, 2008

Five weeks and two HEEPs

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to post a blog entry from Cluj. Wish I could say it was due to lack of connectivity but it wasn't I was just lazy. As a matter or fact the hotel we stayed in was the first one in five years in what was Eastern Europe to have hotel wide wireless connections that worked great.

The HEEP Area V /TEM meeting went well. While not as many countries attended as usual there were enough to make it interesting. Our Hungarian host went out of their way to make us feel at home. Got to visit Braun Castle (home of Dracula), see a lot of the country side and visit the largest highway project in Europe. So it was a great trip.

Area V was the first HEEP meeting of the year and I just got back Wednesday from HEEP Area II in Atlanta. Like the Hungarians the GADOT people who put on the conference went out of their way to make all the attendees to feel right at home. The Biggest question to come out of the conference was what does an 11 million dollar condominium in Buckhead look like? Seriously the biggest topic at the conference was the use of technology in surveying and construction. With Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) and it's various parts being front and center. We had 8 of the 12 Area II DOTs represented with at least 6 State Surveyors and State Construction Engineers represented.

We even got the chance to spend an afternoon on a GADOT AMG project site which was a first for HEEP. I even got to climb up in the cab of grader and see how the operator does it. Very cool.

Lunch is about over so more later.