Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm back

It’s been a while since I posted anything to “R Cubed” so since there doesn’t seem to be anything on TV (although it took great discipline not to watch John Wayne in The Green Berets) and I left the book I’m reading out in the car I might as well post something.  So to paraphrase my son’s famous quote “what to write? What to write?”  You see that is one problem with a blogs you have to write something now and again (as soon as those talking computers come on line look out).  

So what to write?  During the day I can think of all kinds of “heady topics” but when I get a chance to jot them down I have trouble remembering them.  Couple of things, I read a lot.  Because of all the different magazines, I read during the week I have gotten pretty good at noticing IT trends and tools before they really get popular.   A case in point is wikis and blogs – they seem to have become all the rage lately.  I was giving presentations on using them over a year ago.  Funny thing is that even though I was out in front of the curve and now that wikis are hot my organization doesn’t know they exist… so much for the prophet business.

I have talked about wikis before.  In particular a specific kind of wiki called a Tiddly Wiki.  I recently gave a short presentation at the 2006 HEEP International Conference held this past September in Williamsburg Virginia.  If you would like to take a look at it (remember power points lose a bit without my unique translation) you can download it and other HEEP presentations at

you can find it under Thursday presentations and the title is

“Tiddly Wiki and Things – another internet technology that you never heard of but might find useful.”  

I gave two other presentations that day but I think I’ll save them for another posting.