Saturday, June 27, 2009

Facebook, Twitter and DOTs

Departments of Transportation's like most large organizations are slow to change and even slower it seems at embracing new technology.  The question I would like to pose is "Can DOTs use Facebook and Twitter (or technologies like them) to improve internal and external communication?"

The answer is.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Month

It has been over a month since I have posted anything to R cubed so I guess I should bring you up to date.  So far June has been a pretty busy month.  Visited an old high school buddy in New Orleans and attended the HEEP Area II meeting in Baton Rouge, LA where I gave a presentation on DOT's use of the Internet and what the future holds.  Attended my parents 50th wedding anniversary in Wheeling, WV this past weekend and got to see a lot of relatives that I haven't seen in several years.  Funny in this time of instant communication how easy it is to not keep up with one's extended family.

Back at the office the NCDOT is making plans to upgrade our 1500 CADD machines to MicroStation V8i and all the software that goes with it.  In addition we are fighting our Security people over how tight they are locking down the Departments XP images and  registry access.  In addition we are not only upgrading our existing software from MicroStation V8 to V8i but we are also "upgrading" a portion of our CADD PCs from windows 2000 to XP.  I know welcome to 21st century...

Along with that I have been messing around with Sun's soon to be Oracle's VirtualBox software to run Ubuntu and Window 7 along with windows 2000 and XP.  Pretty cool product.  Additionally I have also become a regular Facebook user and a part time twitter.  Which I am finding to be interesting tools to say the least.  I've always said that the internet is about communication and these products are proving the point (just ask the Iranians).

Well that's a quick wrap up of what I've been up to.  Now I need to figure out a simple, easy yet readable way to display a series of annual reports on the HEEP website.  Also don't forget to Buy Understanding Microstation V8 XM in 2D: A Basic Guide FOR XM and V8i Users. from Stipes Publishing.