Friday, October 21, 2005

TiddlyWikis and CADD

Every major CADD program on the market that I am aware of is “Internet Aware” now exactly what this means and what value it actually adds is anybody’s guess.  I recently gave a presentation on applying internet technologies to CADD and Engineering and I think several of these technologies could prove very useful to both individuals and organizations.  (If you missed it you can download from the sidebar.)

One of the technologies I talked about was a WIKI.  I recently came across a variation of this technology after reading a post on Joel Orr’s PLM blog.  This variation is known as a TiddlyWiki.  While a regular Wiki requires a web server and a database.  TiddlyWiki requires only a browser (either Firefox or IE 6.0>) to work properly.  Exactly what is a TiddlyWiki?  I guess you could say it is a webpage on steroids.  By using JavaScript you have basically a self hyper-linking, free form database contained inside a single webpage.  I know it sounds a bit strange but take some time and check out a few of the various flavors … I think you will be astonished.  

The place to begin is the  TiddlyWiki home site at  

You will be glad you did